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  • corkboard

    18″ X 24″ Corkboards

    Enhance your workplace communication with the sleek and functional OFWD 18" x 24" Corkboard. Crafted with a classic cork surface and reinforced with a strong fiberboard, this product guarantees long-lasting durability. Perfect for sharing the latest updates, and business news, highlighting the advantages, policies, and…
  • LED Tasklight for HutchLED Tasklight for Hutch

    20″ LED Tasklight for Hutch

    Features: LED Task Light designed for 65" or 71" hutch. All accessories included for easy mounting. Save on electricity bills by replacing a 24W fluorescent tube with the energy-efficient 12W LED Light bars. Easy Installation: Plug and play, ready to install in minutes. Ultra-Thin Design:…
  • corkboard

    24″ X 36″ Corkboards

    Elevate your workspace organization with OFWD's premium 24″ x 36″ Corkboards, available in multiple sizes, including 18″ x 24″, 36″ x 48″, and 48″ x 72″. Crafted with a durable laminate material and a sleek aluminum frame, these corkboards effortlessly combine functionality with style. The…
  • Whiteboards

    24″ X 36″ Whiteboards

    Transform your work area with the sleek and functional 24"x36" Magnetic Whiteboards from OFWD. Experience the perfect balance of style and practicality as you enhance your productivity and organization. These whiteboards are designed to elevate your workspace to new heights, providing a clean and professional…
  • Plastic Recycle Basket


    Call For Price Chat With Us   Enhance your commitment to a greener environment with the OFWD's 28 Qt. Plastic Recycle Basket. This versatile recycling solution fits neatly under desks, making it ideal for home, school, or office use. Crafted from robust blue plastic, it…
  • Wastebasket


    Call For Price Chat With Us   This trash can is machine-washed and made of strong black plastic that won't chip or dent. It's an investment that will last for years. Important traits: - Simplicity in Design: Hides behind a normal desk, which makes the…
  • corkboard

    36″ X 48″ Corkboards

    Conquer clutter and unlock your creativity with OFWD's stunning corkboards! These beauties come in various sizes, including a supersize 36" x 48" option to pin all your dreams and to-dos in style. Made with classic, self-healing cork, our boards hold notes, photos, and artwork securely…
  • Whiteboards

    36″ X 48″ Whiteboards

    "The modern and practical 36" x 48" Magnetic Whiteboards from OFWD will revolutionize your workspace. Improve your efficiency and organization while enjoying the ideal blend of form and function. These whiteboards will take your office to the next level by giving it a sleek, expert…
  • Chairmat


    The chair is easier to move around because the edge is smooth and curved. This makes things easier and more productive. What's important: notched studs for a good grip that won't damage The smooth curved edge makes it easy to move the chair. Its lightweight…
  • Chairmat


    You can improve the professional appearance of your workplace. For low-pile carpets, this chairmat provides thorough floor protection. It was expertly made. The chair's smooth mobility made possible by its beveled edge guarantees easy transitions between the various workspace sections. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: • Protects low-pile…
  • corkboard

    48″ X 72″ Corkboards

    Transform your workspace with the OFWD 48″ x 72″ Corkboard, a versatile and practical solution for both office and home use. Available in various sizes, including 18″ x 24″, 24″ x 36″, and 36″ x 48″, this corkboard is encased in a durable aluminum frame,…
  • Whiteboards

    48″ X 72″ Whiteboards

    The 48"x72" Magnetic Whiteboards from OFWD are going to change the way you work forever. Get more done in less time with the perfect combination of style and utility. Your office will look more professional and polished with these whiteboards, which will impress both clients…
  • Whiteboards

    48″ X 96″ Whiteboards

    OFWD's  Magnetic Whiteboards will make your desk look better. The white-coated steel surface makes it easy to write and erase. To keep tools close at hand, use the built-in tray. Hanging mounts are included, making installation easy. The finish is a classic white magnetic OTHER…
  • Tackboard

    60″ Hutch Tackboard

    The OFWD 60-inch Hutch Tackboard is a flexible addition to our Timeless line that will improve your workspace. This tackboard, which has a fixed width of 60" or 71", a slender profile with a fixed depth of 0.5", and a handy fixed height of 15",…
  • Tackboard

    65″ Hutch Tackboard

    Enhance the functionality of your workspace with the OFWD 65″ Hutch Tackboard. Designed to seamlessly integrate with our Timeless hutches, this versatile tackboard provides a stylish and practical solution for organizing your office essentials. With a fixed width of 65” or 71”, a slim profile…
  • Tackboard

    71″ Hutch Tack board

    Increase the usefulness of your workspace with the OFWD Hutch Tack Board, a flexible add-on that can be easily attached to Timeless Laminate hutches. Having black crepe cloth on the tacking surface not only makes it look more elegant, but it's also a useful place…
  • Boot Tray

    Boot Tray

    Use the OFWD Boot Tray to Maintain Order in Your Entryway and to Protect Your Floors This utility boot tray will help you organize your doorway while also ensuring that your floors are clean and safe. You will no longer trip over your boots! FINISH:…
  • Chair Mat wlip hard floor 1

    Chair Mat With Lip

    The OFWD Chair Mat with Lip will improve your workspace. With minimal cushioning, this 53" by 45"mat is designed to fit tough, low-pile carpets up to 1/4"thick. Important characteristics: Environmentally friendly: made with at least 35% recyclable materials. Floor Protection: Protects flooring while allowing chairs…
  • Element Keyboard Tray

    Element Keyboard Tray

    The Element Keyboard Tray from OFWD Office Furniture Store will make your office better. This famous tray, which is 14 pounds and measures 30.48 x 53.34 x 12.7 cm, is made to be as comfortable and useful as possible. It has a 21-inch slide tray…
  • LED Tasklight for HutchLED Tasklight for Hutch

    LED Tasklights for Hutch

    With the OFWD LED Tasklights, you can give your hutch focused, bright light and get rid of all the darkness for good. These handy lights, which come in 20" and 38" lengths, are great for lighting up work areas in your home office, craft room,…
  • Maxima Clamp Mount Monitor Arm 1

    Maxima Clamp Mount Monitor Arm

    OFWD Maxima Clamp Mount Monitor Arm (29"" Max) changes what you see. This OFWD Maxima Clamp Mount Monitor Arm makes your desk ergonomic. Designed for maximum comfort, flexibility, and style. This sophisticated arm lets you adjust your monitor's height, pivot, and angle for optimal viewing…
  • Hook

    Over the Door Utility Hook

    The sleek chrome finish of the OFWD Over the Door Utility Hook makes it simple to make sure that everything is in its proper place. It can carry up to 10 kg of weight, making it ideal for hanging crucial items. Chrome, which gives it…
  • Data Module

    Power & Data Module

    Call For Price Chat With Us Elevate your workspace with the OFWD Power & Data Module. Crafted in sleek brushed aluminum, it's discreetly mounted for easy access to USB, Ethernet, and plug outlets. The 8’ coiled power cord adds flexibility to your connectivity. Upgrade now…
  • Loctek DLB530D S Double Silver

    Premium Dual Monitor Arm (Silver)

    The Silver OFWD Premium Dual Monitor Arm makes work easier. For the best comfort and efficiency, put two monitors on a strong 19-pound arm. Great Screen Flexibility: Arm gas springs make it easier to put in. You can individually adjust the height, tilt, swivel, and…
  • Loctek DLB530 Single Silver

    Premium Single Arm Monitor (Silver)

    The OFWD Premium Single Arm Monitor Mount (Silver) makes a desk that can be used in different ways. This thin, bendable 19-pound arm tilts your screen so that you can work more efficiently and comfortably. Lack of Flexibility: Gas spring technology makes placement easier and…
  • Presentation Board

    Presentation Board-Espresso

    Elevate your workspace with the OFWD Timeless Espresso Presentation Board. With its sleek design and convenient built-in blackboard, this board is the perfect combination of style, attractiveness, and affordability. Plus, it comes fully assembled for your convenience. Introducing our latest addition: the Laminate Finish. This…
  • Presentation Board

    Presentation Board-Walnut

    Elevate your workspace with the Timeless Walnut Presentation Board by OFWD. This sleek and versatile addition combines elegant design with practicality, making it the perfect choice for any office. Experience a harmonious blend of style and value. Product Dimensions: Sizes available in various dimensions Introducing…
  • Chair Mat rectangular hard floor 1

    Rectangular Chair Mat

    With the OFWD Rectangular Chair Mat, you can protect your floors and get more done! With the OFWD Rectangular Chair Mat, you can keep your hard floors and low-pile rugs safe from chair damage! With at least 35% recycled material, this eco-friendly essential is a…
  • Casters set of 5

    Set of 5 Hard Surface Casters

    With the OFWD Hard Surface Casters (Set of 5), you can change the look of your desk and enjoy smooth, quiet rolling! These quality casters are made to work on hard surfaces like tile, hardwood, and even chair mats. They look great and are very…
  • Untitled Diagram 3

    Stationary Glides – Set of 5

    The OFWD Stationary Chair Glides (Set of 5) make it easy and quiet for chairs to move. These simple caster changes cut down on rolling noises in home offices, busy workspaces, and other places where smooth movement is annoying. Take Advantage of: Stop rolling around…