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Stationary Glides – Set of 5


The OFWD Stationary Chair Glides (Set of 5) make it easy and quiet for chairs to move. These simple caster changes cut down on rolling noises in home offices, busy workspaces, and other places where smooth movement is annoying.

Take Advantage of:

  • Stop rolling around in your chair and focus on work or play without making any changes.
  • Peace Out: Set up a quiet place to work or meet with others late at night.
  • Make the chair more stable: To keep from rolling, work on your stance and balance.
  • These glides are general because they can be used on any chair with standard wheels.
  • Simple to Set Up: You can change your wheels in minutes without any tools or technical know-how.

Ready to Do Well:

  • High-quality black fabric gliders are stable and last a long time.
  • Glide over most surfaces without getting caught or scratched with Smooth Glide.
  • Accuracy: The 50mm circle, 42mm width, and 57mm height make it fit several chairs.

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• Diameter: 50mm
• Width: 42 mm
• Height: 57 mm
• Black nylon
• Designed for to make any rolling chair stationary
• Carton Qty: 5 per bag
• Assembly Required? No