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  • wall nut3

    2 Drawer Lateral File with Hutch

    Designed for executive offices, conferencing, and general workstations, the Timeless 2-drawer Lateral File with Hutch from OFWD is a great way to improve the way you work. This chic mix provides all you need: PVC Contour-Edge detailing, which contributes to an elegant appearance to ensure…
  • wallnut 2

    36″ Wall Hutch with Wood Doors

    By incorporating the sophisticated style of OFWD's Timeless 36-inch Wall Hutch, which features two matching wood laminate doors, you can take your office area to the next level. This wall hutch is designed to be used in executive offices, conference rooms, meeting rooms, and multipurpose…
  • Final Picture Setup 09

    4 Drawer Lateral File.

    Ideal for:¬†Executive offices, Conferencing, Meeting rooms and General Workstations. The OFWD Four-Dimensional Lateral File helps you stay organized and looks great. The OFWD 4 Drawer Lateral File is great for senior offices because it makes it easy to organize your office stylishly. This cabinet is…
  • BoxFile Suspened Pedestal

    Box/File Suspended Pedestal

    Tame Desk Chaos with the OFWD Box/File Suspended Pedestal: Effortless Organization, Modern Style Declutter your workspace and reclaim your focus with the OFWD Box/File Suspended Pedestal. This sleek and functional under-desk storage solution is your key to a more organized and productive office environment. Designed…
  • Mobile BoxBoxFile Pedestal 1

    Mobile Box/Box/File Pedestal

    Utilize the OFWD Mobile Box/File Pedestal to Unchain Your Workspace: Shift, Arrange, Win The OFWD Mobile Box/File Pedestal will let you embrace agility and get rid of desk clutter. This elegant and multipurpose storage device is a mobile productivity machine, not just a somewhere to…
  • BoxBoxFile Pedestal 1

    Pedestal (Box/Box/File)

    By utilizing the OFWD Timeless Box/Box/File Pedestal, you may completely revamp your workspace. A pedestal unit like this one offers the best possible storage for your office necessities, making it an excellent choice for executive offices, conferencing rooms, and workstations. Consists of the following: The…
  • FileFile Pedestal 1

    Pedestal (File/File)

    The OFWD Timeless File/File Pedestal is an outstanding storage solution that was developed for executive offices, conferences, and workstations. It will completely transform your office space. This comprehensive selection of casegoods features the following items, which are designed to strike the ideal balance between aesthetics…