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  • Sale height adjustable desk

    Height Adjustable 30″ X 60″ Desk in Expresso with Universal Pedestal

    Elevate Your Work Experience: Experience a new level of comfort and productivity with our height-adjustable desk. Tailor your workspace to your preferred ergonomic height, promoting better posture and increased efficiency throughout your workday. A Touch of Class: Crafted with sophistication, our 30″ X 60″ desk…
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    Bistro Height Table


    Price Includes: 1- 24" X 60" Bistro Table Features: A wonderful combination of design and usefulness is the OFWD Inspire 60′′ Bistro Height Table. This table, which is made of sturdy laminate, gives any area a dash of contemporary beauty. Its 18 depth, 16 breadth,…
  • Sale expresso desks

    INSPIRE Expresso 24” X 71” Desk with Matching Pedestal

    Transform Your Workspace:Revamp your workspace effortlessly with our INSPIRE Espresso Desk and Matching Pedestal. Experience a dynamic transformation, redefining your workspace to inspire creativity and productivity. Sleek and Functional:Embrace the perfect fusion of sophistication and functionality. Our 24” X 71” Espresso Desk, complemented by a…
  • Sale walnut desk

    INSPIRE Walnut 24” X 71” Desk with matching pedestal

    Transform Your Workspace:Revitalize your workspace with our INSPIRE Walnut Desk and matching pedestal. Elevate your environment and transform your work area into a stylish and functional haven, promoting creativity and productivity. Sleek and Functional: Experience the perfect fusion of sleek design and functionality. Our 24”…
  • Sale left handed credenza

    Left Handed Credenza

    Price Includes: 1 - 24" x 71" Left Handed Credenza Features: Elevate your office with the OFWD INSPIRE Left-Handed Credenza, a perfect blend of style and functionality. With a generous width of 71 inches, a depth of 24 inches, and a height of 26 inches,…
  • Sale right handed credenza


    Price Includes: 1 - 24" x 71" Right Handed Credenza Features: Upgrade your office ambiance with the OFWD INSPIRE Right-Handed Credenza, a remarkable fusion of chic design and practical utility. Constructed from high-quality laminate material, this credenza is available in three striking colors – Espresso,…
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    TUFFMAXX 15″ Locker: 1-Door/1-Bank

    The TUFFMAXX 15-inch Locker (1-Door, 1-Bank) by OFWD lets you keep your things in order: A rigid unit body shape that makes it last longer over time. End sides that are double-bent make the structure stiffer. Three chrome-plated heavy-duty clothes hooks are there. The back…
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    TUFFMAXX 15″ Locker: 2-Door/1-Bank

    The TUFFMAXX 15-inch locker is strong and safe, and it will help you store more. The strong steel that was used to build this locker was picked out with care so that it would last a long time. The TUFFMAXX 15-inch locker is strong and…