TUFFMAXX 15″ Locker: 1-Door/1-Bank

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The TUFFMAXX 15-inch Locker (1-Door, 1-Bank) by OFWD lets you keep your things in order:

  • A rigid unit body shape that makes it last longer over time.
  • End sides that are double-bent make the structure stiffer.
  • Three chrome-plated heavy-duty clothes hooks are there.

The back of the item is made of a 20-gauge metal sheet that goes all the way around it, and the handles are strong polyethylene with molding that goes into the plastic.
A polypropylene friction catch/latch that is quiet and doesn’t have any moving parts; a secure bumper that lets the door open all the way around 180 degrees;
Using holes in the doorframe to allow air to flow through effectively
There is one locker unit that can be used.

It’s 72 inches tall, 18 inches wide, and 18 inches deep.
Steel as the stuff

This TUFFMAXX one-door, one-bank locker lets you store things safely and neatly. The fact that it is made to last and be useful means that it can be used in many places.

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Width: 18 × Depth: 18 × Height: 72


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