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  • TUFFMAXX 1822 Locker 1 door 1 bank

    TUFFMAXX 12″ Locker: 1-Door/1-Bank

    Here is OFWD's TUFFMAXX 12" Locker: A strong steel structure with a stiff unit-body design. There are three chrome-plated hooks, a quiet latch, and polypropylene handles on this locker. The fully enclosed back with a flush reinforcing sheet makes sure that the unit doesn't whip.…
  • TUFFMAXX Locker 1 door 2 bank 1

    TUFFMAXX 12″ Locker: 1-Door/2-Bank

    The TUFFMAXX 12 inch Locker by OFWD helps you use room more effectively. Because they are made to last, these lockers have the following features: Construction with a stiff unit body This hanger has three chrome-plated clothes hooks, and the ends are double-bent to make…
  • TUFFMAXX Locker 1 door 3 bank 1

    TUFFMAXX 12″ Locker: 1-Door/3-Bank

    The TUFFMAXX 12" Locker (1-Door, 3-Bank) by OFWD will help you stay organized: The rigid unit body design makes sure it will last. Double-bend the ends to make them stiffer. Three heavy-duty chrome-plated clothes hooks. Twenty-gauge metal sheet that goes all the way around the…
  • lockerlocker

    TUFFMAXX 12″ Locker: 2-Door/1-Bank

    The TUFFMAXX 15" Locker (1-Door, 1-Bank) by OFWD will help you store more things: Rigid unit body design for long-lasting strength Two-bend end sides make the structure stronger - Three heavy-duty chrome-plated clothes hooks A fully sealed 20-gauge metal sheet at the back makes sure…
  • lockerlocker

    TUFFMAXX 12″ Locker: 2-Door/2-Bank

    The OFWD TUFFMAXX 12" Locker (2-Door, 2-Bank) will give you more store space: The sturdy unit body design ensures long-lasting toughness Massive triple-bent end sides for more strength and stiffness Three strong chrome-plated laundry hooks. At the back, a 20-gauge metal sheet that is completely…
  • 2 door 3 bank

    TUFFMAXX 12″ Locker: 2-Door/3-Bank

    Make use of the OFWD TUFFMAXX 12" Locker (2-Door, 3-Bank) to expand your available storage space: Robust unit body construction for enduring power A sturdy, whip-free unit is created at the back by a fully enclosed 20-gauge metal sheet. Three robust clothes hooks with a…
  • TUFFMAXX Locker 6 door 2 bank 1

    TUFFMAXX 12″ Locker: 6-Door/2-Bank

    The OFWD TUFFMAXX 12-Inch Locker (6-Door, 2-Bank) is the most space-efficient way to store things: Long-lasting power because the unit body is built to last Having double-bend end sides makes the front edge stiffer, which makes it last longer. A strong structure is made of…
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    TUFFMAXX 15″ Locker: 1-Door/1-Bank

    Original price was: $215.00.Current price is: $193.00.
    The TUFFMAXX 15-inch Locker (1-Door, 1-Bank) by OFWD lets you keep your things in order: A rigid unit body shape that makes it last longer over time. End sides that are double-bent make the structure stiffer. Three chrome-plated heavy-duty clothes hooks are there. The back…
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    TUFFMAXX 15″ Locker: 1-Door/2-Bank

    The most space-efficient method of storing items is using the OFWD TUFFMAXX 15-Inch Locker (1-Door, 2-Bank): Extended power due to the long-lasting unit body The front edge is longer-lasting because of its double-bend end sides, which give it more rigidity. A totally sealed 20-gauge metal…
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    TUFFMAXX 15″ Locker: 2-Door/1-Bank

    Original price was: $231.00.Current price is: $208.00.
    The TUFFMAXX 15-inch locker is strong and safe, and it will help you store more. The strong steel that was used to build this locker was picked out with care so that it would last a long time. The TUFFMAXX 15-inch locker is strong and…
  • lockerlocker

    TUFFMAXX 15″ Locker: 2-Door/2-Bank

    The TUFFMAXX 15-inch locker is a strong and safe choice for any setting that will help you store more. The strong steel used to make this locker was carefully chosen to make it last a long time. What's important: • Rigid Construction: Each part is…