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    24″ X 36″ Whiteboards

    Transform your work area with the sleek and functional 24"x36" Magnetic Whiteboards from OFWD. Experience the perfect balance of style and practicality as you enhance your productivity and organization. These whiteboards are designed to elevate your workspace to new heights, providing a clean and professional…
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    36″ X 48″ Whiteboards

    "The modern and practical 36" x 48" Magnetic Whiteboards from OFWD will revolutionize your workspace. Improve your efficiency and organization while enjoying the ideal blend of form and function. These whiteboards will take your office to the next level by giving it a sleek, expert…
  • Whiteboards

    48″ X 72″ Whiteboards

    The 48"x72" Magnetic Whiteboards from OFWD are going to change the way you work forever. Get more done in less time with the perfect combination of style and utility. Your office will look more professional and polished with these whiteboards, which will impress both clients…
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    48″ X 96″ Whiteboards

    OFWD's  Magnetic Whiteboards will make your desk look better. The white-coated steel surface makes it easy to write and erase. To keep tools close at hand, use the built-in tray. Hanging mounts are included, making installation easy. The finish is a classic white magnetic OTHER…