Is there a sense of staleness emanating from your workspace? The communal beanbag chair isn’t cutting it anymore. Those chairs didn’t quite forgive you for that extra slice of cake last year. Or you’ve observed a decline in worker morale or output.

You’re not the only one who feels your office needs a makeover. Canadian offices are changing. New furniture and design ideas that support worker happiness and well-being are here. They are replacing the outdated, soul-crushing cubicles. By embracing OFWD’s transformative furniture, you’re creating a space that inspires and motivates your team. Begin leading towards increased productivity and a happier work environment.

OFWD is your one-stop shop for all your commercial office furniture needs in Canada. We understand that modernizing your office can be overwhelming. We have free consultations and extensive range of furniture options. We’re here to make it a seamless and stress-free process for you. We’re committed to helping you create an office that motivates and inspires your team.

Design for Wellness: Ergonomics and More

Ergonomics. A key component of contemporary workplace design. It is crucial for employees’ well-being and productivity. Our standing workstations and supportive chairs are tools that can help reduce pain and suffering. They help in leading towards happier and healthier workers. A standing desk encourages mobility, improving energy and circulation. Supportive chairs with adjustable features can prevent back discomfort and other musculoskeletal problems. These features ensure your team’s health and comfort.

Ergonomics is only a single component. Natural light is another essential component for designing a productive and inspirational workstation. Try to arrange workstations next to windows so that you may enjoy natural light. Remember to provide break spots as well! Employees may unwind, refuel, and mingle with peers in comfortable break rooms.

Embrace Flexibility: Furniture for Every Work Style

In today’s workforce, adaptability is paramount. Workers want furniture that can accommodate their various work styles and requirements. For a flexible workspace, a wide range of office furniture options are available. Such as:

  • Sit-to-stand workstations: Allow staff members to alternate between sitting and standing all day.
  • Modular workstations: Easily changed to suit various project requirements and team sizes.
  • Collaborative furniture: Provide cozy seating configurations for brainstorming sessions and teamwork.
  • Lounge furnishings: Design warm, welcoming break rooms where staff members can unwind and mingle.

Design for collaboration and creativity 

Spark new ideas.

Modern workplace design focuses on more than just comfort and efficiency. It also aims to encourage teamwork and new ideas. People no longer sit alone at their desks. Modern workplaces are set up to enable people to work together and talk to each other.

We have a large selection of furniture options at OFWD. It can encourage creativity in your workspace:

  • Whiteboards and writable surfaces encourage brainstorming and problem-solving sessions.
  • High-top tables and creative workspaces provide a casual and inspiring environment. They are great for team huddles and project discussions.
  • Comfortable and functional meeting room furniture create a productive space. It helps teams present ideas and strategize.

Consider alternatives to the conventional meeting space. Consider setting up separate spaces where groups may relax in comfy chairs. Use mobile whiteboards to brainstorm ideas without interrupting each other.

Let There Be Light: Contemporary Workspace Lighting Options

The way the lights in your workplace make you feel is significant. Depleting and causing eye strain are harsh fluorescent lights. Here at OFWD, we have a wide range of lighting options to help you make your office more welcoming, such as:

  • Adjustable task lighting: Allows employees to control the brightness of their work area.
  • Warm, natural lighting: Promotes alertness and well-being.
  • Dimmer switches: Create different lighting ambiances depending on the activity.

Consider incorporating skylights. Positioning desks near windows to take advantage of natural light.

Remember the Fun Factor!

Workplaces today aren’t just about work. Letting people unwind and enjoy themselves will boost happiness and creativity at work. OFWD has a range of furniture options that you can use to give your desk some style, such as:

  • Game rooms: Equipped with ping pong tables, foosball tables, or video game consoles. These spaces provide an excellent way for employees to de-stress. A great way to unwind and bond with colleagues.
  • Relaxation areas: These feature comfortable seating, soft lighting, and even massage chairs. It helps in giving employees a space to unwind and recharge.

Transform Your Office with OFWD

Getting new office furniture is like putting money into your company’s future. With the right equipment, it might be easier to make the workplace a place where creativity, teamwork, and employee happiness are valued. At OFWD, we aim to help Canadian businesses create creative and exciting workplaces.

We provide:

  • Free consultations: Enlist the aid of our professionals to check your requirements. Design a personalized furniture layout.
  • Large selection: To fit your taste and budget, pick from a range of premium commercial office furniture.
  • Outstanding client support: Our staff is committed to assisting you. You can now find the ideal furniture options for your company.

Make sure to update your workplace area! Speak with OFWD right now. Our goal is to assist you in setting up a workstation that suits your needs!

Are you looking for an Edmonton office space design? We can assist! OFWD collaborates with a network of designers across Canada. It helps you develop a contemporary and practical workplace layout that complements your new furniture.