TUFFMAXX 15″ Locker: 2-Door/2-Bank


The TUFFMAXX 15-inch locker is a strong and safe choice for any setting that will help you store more. The strong steel used to make this locker was carefully chosen to make it last a long time.

What’s important:

• Rigid Construction: Each part is carefully made to fit together to make a rigid unit body that is strong and stable.
• Better Stability: The front edges of the end sides are double-bent, which adds an extra layer of stiffness to keep the structure together.
• Organized Storage: This locker has three heavy-duty, chrome-plated clothes hooks that make it easy to store personal things in an organized way.
• Reinforced Enclosure: The back has a 20-gauge metal sheet that is completely enclosed and has a flush strengthening sheet that makes it stronger. This makes a closed box that keeps the unit from whipping.
• User-Friendly Design: A strong polypropylene one-piece recessed molded handle makes it easy and comfortable to get to.
• Protective Bumper: The locker has a protective bumper that keeps the door from getting damaged when it is opened all the way to the next door.
The silent plastic friction catch/latch doesn’t have any moving parts, so it’s easy to use and doesn’t make a sound.
• Best Airflow: Slots carefully placed in the upper and lower horizontal doorframe members let air flow freely through the whole closet.

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Width: 12 × Depth: 18 × Height: 72


Delivery Information:

As required, complete delivery and installation can be arranged. Please contact us for details.