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    CONTESTAR Mid-Back Chair

    The Contestar Mid-Back Chair by OFWD will make your time at the office better. This practical masterpiece has many features that make it as comfortable and supportive as possible: Adjust the swivel and synchro tilt tightness and lock it in place. Lumbar support makes your…
  • Endura Big Tall high back net mesh 1 e1522825471357

    ENDURO Big & Tall High-Back Net-Mesh Chair

    The OFWD Enduro Big & Tall High-Back Chair Offers Exceptional Comfort and Support for Everyone Throughout the Day Especially suited for use in environments with higher weight requirements, executive offices, conference rooms, meeting rooms, and general workstations are all ideal applications for this product. Characteristics:…
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    OPEL – Black Mesh-Back, Mid-Back Managerial Task Chair

    The Opel Mid-Back Managerial Task Chair from OFWD will make you feel better and look better. This chair has intelligent features that make it a better place to sit, making it perfect for executive offices, meeting rooms, and workstations: The breathable net mesh back helps…
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    OPEL II -High Back Manager Chair

    Improve your workday with the Opel II High Back Manager Chair, which was carefully made to be comfortable and flexible for executives. What's important: Seat Slider: Change the position of your seat to get the best support. Mesh back that lets air flow through Work…
  • OPEL Multi function high back air net mesh 1 e1522524872300

    OPEL Multi-Function High-Back Air Net-Mesh Chair

    Utilize the OFWD Opel High-Back Chair to Maintain Your Cool and Remain Productive The OFWD Opel High-Back Mesh Chair will significantly improve the quality of your workday by providing you with breathable comfort and ergonomic support. The executive office, conference room, meeting area, and even…
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    OPEL Multi-Function High-Back Net-Mesh Chair

    OFWD's Opel Multi-Function High-Back Net-Mesh Chair provides superior comfort and support for your workday. This ergonomic chair is designed to keep you cool, focused, and productive throughout your job. It is ideal for: Executive offices Conference rooms Meeting Rooms General Workstations   Features that treat…
  • OPEL Visitor mid back Net Mesh 1

    OPEL Visitor Mid-Back Net Mesh Chair

    Elevate your reception area or add a touch of sophistication to your executive or managerial office with our OPEL Visitor Mid-Back Mesh Chair. This stylish and supportive chair is designed to impress your guests and employees alike. Breathable Comfort & Modern Design: Premium mesh back:…