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  • AURA Visitor low back bonded leather 1 e1526161303396

    AURA Visitor Low-Back Bonded Leather Chair

    The OFWD Aura Visitor Low-Back Bonded Leather Chair is also available. You can take your workplace space to the next level by including the ideal combination of comfort and beauty. The executive and managerial offices, as well as the reception and guest areas, are the…
  • caprice chair

    CAPRICE Visitor Low-Back Faux Leather Chair

    Welcome Your Guests in Comfort and Style with the OFWD AURA Visitor Chair Features: Luxurious black faux leather: Adds a touch of elegance and creates a welcoming atmosphere. Plush padding throughout: Seat, back, and armrests provide superior comfort for extended sitting. Sleek low-back design: Complements…
  • Elise Modular Sofa

    ELISE Modular Sofa Seating

    The Elise Modular Sofa Seating by OFWD will make your office feel better. This set is great for executive offices, reception areas, or guest rooms because it is stylish, flexible, and affordable. You can change the layout to fit your wants and space thanks to…
  • Kalor Stacker Chair

    KALOR Stacker Chair (With Arms) – PER CHAIR

    Improve your sitting experience with the Kalor Stacker Chair, which is more comfortable and can be used in a variety of places. Ideal for use in halls, meetings, and general seating situations. Design that can be stacked, which saves room and gives you options For…
  • Kalor Stacker Chair

    KALOR Stacker Chair (Without Arms) – PER CHAIR

    OFWD presents the Armless Kalor Stacker Chair, an appropriate sitting option for halls, conferencing, meeting or training rooms, and a variety of other seating applications. This stackable chair is designed for both comfort and style, with a sleek black powder-coated steel cantilever base that can…
  • Nesting Chair

    KAPSEL – Nesting Chair

    The Kapsel Nesting Chair by OFWD will improve your sitting experience. It's great for halls, workshops, meetings, training rooms, and other places where people need to sit. Key Points: - Folds up like scissors to save room - Can be folded flat for easy storage…
  • TECHNIK Stacking Chair Plastic Seat 1

    TECHNIK Stacking Chair (Plastic Seat)

    Upgrade Your Meeting Spaces with the Modern and Efficient OFWD OPEL Chair This versatile chair combines comfort, style, and practicality to make the most of your space while providing a pleasant seating experience for guests and employees alike. Features: Perforated plastic backrest: Offers breathability and…
  • technik chair e1644523183640

    TECHNIK Stacking Chair (Vinyl Seat)

    Add Comfort and Style to Your Workspace with the OFWD TECHNIK Stacking Chair The OFWD TECHNIK Stacking Chair is the perfect solution for creating comfortable, stylish, and adaptable seating in a variety of settings, from executive offices and conference rooms to meeting areas and general…
  • TRIGGS Single Sofa Chair 1

    TRIGGS Sofa Chair

    This OFWD TRIGGS Sofa Chair adds flair, comfort, and value to any executive office, reception area, green room, or visitor area. Uncompromising quality and comfort: Stylish and appealing: The sleek design lends a touch of refinement to any space. Heavy gauge spring construction: Provides long-lasting…
  • Tuffmaxx BOLT Molded Stacking Chair 1

    TUFFMAXX BOLT Molded Stacking Chair

    OFWD’s TuffMAXX Commercial grade stacking chairs and folding chairs are also light, durable, scratch-resistant and weatherproof. The high-impact polypropylene surface and durable powder-coated steel structure make these chairs ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. FEATURES: • Stackable to 21 chairs high (when Strapped or for…
  • tuffmax tag

    TUFFMAXX TAGG – Folding Blow Molded Chair

    Ideal For: Halls, Conferencing, Meeting or Training rooms and General seating applications FEATURES: • Super strong plastic seat and back • Fold flat • White with Pewter metal frame • Trolley available • Ergonomic cross piece • Ergonomic handle • Water resistant • Skid resistant…