TECHNIK Stacking Chair Plastic Seat 1

TECHNIK Stacking Chair (Plastic Seat)


Upgrade Your Meeting Spaces with the Modern and Efficient OFWD OPEL Chair

This versatile chair combines comfort, style, and practicality to make the most of your space while providing a pleasant seating experience for guests and employees alike.


  • Perforated plastic backrest: Offers breathability and support, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the day.
  • Plastic seat: Contoured for comfort and easy to clean.
  • Chromed steel sled base: Provides a sturdy and stylish foundation.
  • Stackable to 20 chairs high: Saves valuable space when not in use and simplifies storage.
  • Perfect for Every Occasion:


Ideal for: Executive offices, conference rooms, meeting areas, and general workstations.

Available in cartons of 4 chairs.

Invest in the OFWD OPEL Chair and experience the perfect blend of style, comfort, and functionality for your workspace.

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Width: 19.88 × Depth: 26.77 × Height: 36.81
Seat Height: 17.5”
Seat Size: 18”w x 17”d
Back Size: 17”w x 12”h