71″ Hutch Tack board


Increase the usefulness of your workspace with the OFWD Hutch Tack Board, a flexible add-on that can be easily attached to Timeless Laminate hutches. Having black crepe cloth on the tacking surface not only makes it look more elegant, but it’s also a useful place to write notes and messages.

Key Points:

Sleek Style:
The black fabric finish adds a bit of class and goes well with the look of your Timeless Laminate hutch.

Easy to Install:

The tack board can be easily attached to Timeless hutches using industrial double-sided tape or screws, which makes the mounting choice safe and stable.

Tracking Surface That Works:
The black crepe fabric on the tack board makes it easy to post important messages and notes, which will help you stay organized and get things done.

Customization Options:

You can change the color of the tack board to suit your needs, but this will take longer.

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• Fixed width: 65” or 71”
• Fixed depth: 0.5”
• Fixed height: 15”
• Black fabric
• Attaches to 65” or 71” Timeless hutches with
industrial double-sided tape or screws
• Covered in black crepe fabric for easy posting of
messages and reminders
• Available in custom colours on extended lead
• Carton Qty: 1
• Assembly Required? No

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60″, 65″, 71″


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