LED Tasklight for Hutch

LED Tasklights for Hutch


With the OFWD LED Tasklights, you can give your hutch focused, bright light and get rid of all the darkness for good. These handy lights, which come in 20″ and 38″ lengths, are great for lighting up work areas in your home office, craft room, or any other room with an overhead cabinet.

OFWD LED Tasklights are unique because they:

Energy Efficiency: Get rid of your old neon tubes that use a lot of power and replace them with 12W LED light bars that use less power. Cut down on your electricity use and help the earth at the same time.
Simple to Set Up: You don’t need a plumber! The plug-and-play design makes installation quick and easy, taking only minutes. Everything you need to mount it is included.
Very thin design: These lights have a profile of only 0.75″, so they fit under even narrow hutch cabinets without taking up any important headroom.
Length Can Be Changed: Pick between 20″ and 38″ to get the right length for your hutch and lighting needs.
Bright, natural-looking LED light that doesn’t give off UV or IR rays is safe and comfortable. You can work for long amounts of time without getting eye strain.
Different Uses: These task lights can be used on hutches, under cabinets, on bookshelves, or anywhere else you need focused lighting for a task.
The OFWD LED Tasklights will make your desk better, and you’ll enjoy

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Width: 38 × Depth: .75 × Height: .75

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20″, 38″