Improving productivity and output of your company

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At OFWD, we’re always looking to improve on what we offer to our customers. Being in the industry for as long as we have, we’ve come to realize the importance of staying relevant to our customers needs.

With the advent of tech and fortune 500 companies changing the landscape of the office environment. This movement, is ushering in a new era of professionals and innovations in technology that are undoubtedly impacting when, where, and how employees work and collaborate.


Therefore, the need for modern ergonomic furniture to compliment these concepts and long hours at a desk, are trending at a faster pace then ever before. As a new emphasis is being placed on environments that promote health and productivity.

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So how does that effect a companies overall longevity in the marketplace?

These days, workplaces are implementing unorthodox practices to improve employee satisfaction, such as nap rooms and chair massages.

These perks are meant to improve employee health and positively impact overall workplace culture. As such, businesses should be aware of how the actual physical office landscape itself, affects staff and work processes.

Despite all of this, the one thing that hasn’t changed is the traditional desk workspace. Perhaps surprisingly, traditional sit-only desks can have a significant impact on an organization.


The little things DO make a BIG difference

There are many aspects of employee wellness that cannot be easily influenced at the office, such as how much sleep employees are getting or what they’re eating for breakfast and dinner each day.

While employers should still encourage and promote healthy behaviors in a variety of ways, focusing on the physical office is a great place to start. It’s an area where employees spend over eight hours a day, five days a week, and the employer has complete control.

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Employers can help break up sedentary time by adding opportunities for employees to engage in low-level activities — whether through the use of sit-stand workstations, walking meetings, or standing collaborative areas.

Mounting evidence confirms that exercise will not undo the damage done by prolonged sitting, so employers should seek ways to help employees get on their feet in a more proactive way. By updating the office environment and providing a more active workplace, employers can more directly influence healthy behaviours.

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Keep employees comfortable and productive

While the impact on the body of prolonged sitting has been well-documented in recent years, employers have been slow to connect the dots between extended sitting and the physical health of employees — or its corresponding effect on the overall health of an organization.

Employees who sit for too long become restless and are forced to take breaks to manage discomfort or distraction. A staggering 58 percent of employees admitted to taking two to five breaks a day to relieve the discomfort of sitting.

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While frequent movement should be encouraged, it should come from knowing the benefits of standing and striving for better health and wellness. It is critical for businesses to help employees have a voice in creating a work environment that fully supports their bodies and their ability to do their best work.

One size does not fit all in terms of wellness opportunities, but the goal is always the same—keep employees comfortable and productive. Addressing the discomfort at the source is important to finding a solution that benefits the employee and the overall health of the organization.

Create a more positive work environment

The increased focus on employee wellness and satisfaction has pushed employers to invest in a variety of new perks and benefits to attract and retain employees.

However, many companies have not fully examined the benefits of simply redesigning the office landscape to support a wider variety of work styles and to help incorporate more movement into the work day. Small office landscape adjustments can have a big impact on employee and company vitality.

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So what does that mean for OFWD in 2019? Well, the market is trending, and we’re listening.

At OFWD, we’re always looking to improve on what we offer to our customers. Being in the industry for as long as we have, we’ve come to realize the importance of staying relevant to our customers needs. Even if they don’t at first.We are proud to have partnered with BRC Group. A private company that will cement the future of ergonomics and modern design in Canada.

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Established in 1979, they have grown into a leader in research, development and manufacturing of high quality, ergonomic office furniture. Coming in 2019, OFWD will officially be rolling out BRC Groups fleet of office furniture, that will change not only the landscape of your office, but the overall productivity and culture, that employees come to respect and enjoy.


For more information on how you can pre-order your ergonomic outfit,  contact us at