The Basics for a more productive work environment

You’re Home should be a place of sanctuary. A space that allows you to unwind and get away from it all. However, if you spend your gruelling work hours in the same place you lay to rest and relax, this article may be of great benefit to you.

Working from home can be frustrating. Especially if you don’t take the time to set up a work area that is conducive to clear thought, and productive minutes. Let’s face it, when you’re working from home, every minute counts. So whatever you outfit your office with, it should add to your comfort, organization and productivity. So, we’ve gathered some of our favorite picks that cover the basics.

NOTE: Some of the items listed here are so new to our product line that they are not currently up on the site. (we just couldn’t wait to share it with you!) So for more information or to order any of these items listed, feel free to Contact Us and we would be happy to serve and customize your order personally.

Number 1 on our list of to-do’s or must haves. This is a big one and thus, should be the foundation to everything else you need for your home office setup.


1. The Office Desk
MY-HITE Sit-Stand Desk

Versatility is the name of the game with this game changer. Highly adjustable, easy to assemble, and modular in design, so you can add as you need.  The MY-HITE is incredibly stable, so you can feel confident that whatever you throw at it, or on it. That it isn’t going to waiver.

Tested for its durability and stability, it won’t wobble or feel like it will crumble the minute you lay your keyboard on it.

With the ability to accommodate a wide range of heights.  You are in control, and can decide to stand when sitting becomes too much to bare or sit when standing becomes too much to bare. The ability to change it up, is something we value greatly.  

But WAIT! Not only does the sit-stand desk create a sense of personal customization, space and a minimalist work environment. It also provides health benefits. Sitting for long periods of time can cause postural back problems. Not only that, sitting causes stagnation.

Thus, when you stand, you are causing the body to work just a little harder which in turn, burns more calories. Now we can’t claim that you will shed the pounds, however, allowing your body to move while you work creates a sense of energy and that can have a lasting affect.


Its lift mechanism is electronically powered which allows for a smooth and pleasing adjustment experience, right at your fingertips.  You’ll feel like  you’re aboard the starship enterprise. It’s a special feeling that doesn’t ever get old.

Although keep in mind, through some testing, we found that the motor does need to cool down somewhat if you are rigorously adjusting. However, this is not something you would be typically doing under normal conditions. Just keep the kids at bay, because it can be an addictive experience, even for the big kids 😉


Available in a multitude of colour options for surface tops and several different leg finishes. It’s a beautiful and elegant centre piece, designed with minimal features yet sophisticated in form and function.  Make walking into your office, a true delight with the My-Hite Sit-Stand Desk.


2. Storage Organization
Stationary Drawers

Organization and cleanliness isn’t just a choice, but somewhat of a necessity if you want to be productive and organized in your thoughts. Studies have shown that having a decluttered workspace can actually improve your ability to focus and be less distracted.

When you take that into account, you can begin to appreciate the little things that help to keep your space neat and tidy.  We recommend keeping files, pens, notepads, and extras in a desktop organizer like this Stationary Drawer.  

The best part about this solution is that it is a hidden slide drawer, although we advocate any type of organizer. We like this option for those who like to keep their desks esthetically minimal. It stays hidden from sight till you need a pen or paper clips or those ever elusive rubber bands. No more searching the entire house for stationeries. Think of the time you save!


3. The Office Chair
The right one for you

Finding the right office chair for you and your needs, is like trying to find the perfect pillow.  It seems like it can be a daunting task. However, we need to look at your chairs customizability as a means to finding the perfect fit.  The OPEL is just that. An ergonomic chair that is a highly adjustable office chair that offers all-day comfort for a broad range of body types.

Coming in at just under $250.00 CAD, it’s a bargain for what it offers and is well worth the investment.

We have done rigorous testing and are confidently stating that it’s built to last. It is Durable and has been one of our top picks for over three years—throughout long-term testing its build, comfort, and adjustment knobs have all held up. Its seat-depth adjustment and tilt tension is easy to use, plus its armrests height adjustments make for a comfortable ride.

Overall, it offers the best balance of comfort and firmness, making it the most comfortable chair to sit in while performing any task.


4. Mounting
Monitor Arm Mounts

You may be wondering why we would have mounts on our list, but consider the amount of desk space you save by having your computer monitor mounted on an adjustable arm.

Now with the desk space you saved, you can take notes and or sketch your ideas out with paper and pen, and never think twice about having to make room, or have to move things around to accommodate your process.

These Friant Premium Monitor Arms are what we would consider, a premium ergonomic advantage to work with any workstation and environment. With a full 85 degrees of movement, they’re perfect for touch screens or standard monitors. Quiet and easily reposition-able.

The ultra smooth, gas spring mechanisms is what sets this apart from your average monitor arm. Through testing, we found the fluid movement created a sense of luxury and pleasantry.

Although it looks very mechanical, it certainly doesn’t feel mechanical. A perfect blend of modern ingenuity, with a smooth responsive movement in the arms, that almost humanizes the experience.


In conclusion, if we look at the combination of all of these items:


You now have a workstation that is fully customizable for any and every situation. Not only can you walk into your office and work how you want to. Now, anyone and everyone will want to come work in your eloquent and clean space because they can’t help themselves.

Some of the items listed here are so new to our product line that they are not currently up on the site. (we just couldn’t wait to share it with you!) So for more information or to order any of these items listed, feel free to Contact Us and we would be happy to serve and customize your order personally.