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Timeless 36″ Round Postleg Meeting Table 41″ High


“With the OFWD Timeless 36″” Round Postleg Meeting Table, you may unfold endless possibilities: modern style meets compact collaboration.
Encourage fruitful conversations and ignite unplanned creative flashes with the OFWD Timeless 36″” Round Postleg Meeting Table. This little powerhouse fits neatly into your huddle space, brainstorming area, or tiny conference room while packing a powerful punch in terms of utility and appearance.

Designed to Promote Collaboration:

Roomy 36″” diameter surface: 4-6 people can be seated comfortably for meetings, brainstorming sessions, or last-minute catch-ups.
Round shape: Promotes equal participation and eye contact, creating a more welcoming and cooperative atmosphere.
Height of 41″”: Offers a comfortable working surface and enough of legroom.
Designed for Durable Quality:

Robust laminate structure: Easily incorporated into any office design, with a smooth Walnut or elegant Espresso finish to choose from.
A 3mm radius protective border ensures safety and guards against harm to the table and adjacent furnishings.
Pin and cam technology: Allows for simple installation and disassembly, offering flexibility for future modifications and long-lasting sturdiness.

Laminate Espresso
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Width: 36 × Depth: 36 × Height: 41



Laminate Expresso or Walnut



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