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Single Door Personal Organizer


Using the OFWD Timeless Single Door Personal Organizer, you may greatly improve the organization of your working space. Functionality and aesthetics are brought together in this locking double-door cabinet, which was designed specifically for executive offices, conference rooms, meeting rooms, and general workstations.

Principal Characteristics:

  • The use of luxurious laminates with a high density ensures both durability and refinement.
  • The cabinet’s appealing appearance is improved by the inclusion of full 3mil PVC Contour-Edge trim.
  • A shelf that can be adjusted to provide a variety of storage possibilities.
  • They are offered in two different heights: 29.5″” and 36″”.
  • A design that is versatile is suitable for a variety of office ideas and initiatives.

There are a variety of work surface shapes, mounted storage, freestanding cabinets, credenzas, and meeting tables included in the comprehensive assortment of timeless furniture.
Radiant, which is both aesthetically beautiful and cost-effective, lends a distinctive touch to any interior design of an office setting.
Using the Timeless Single Door Personal Organizer, which is the ideal combination of form and function, you may completely transform your working environment.

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