Inspired spaces for designing a modern reception space


Your reception area is the first point of contact for your clients and customers. As such, it should reflect the image you are looking to portray for your place of business.  For many companies, this means creating an entry room with a clean, welcoming modern look, that leaves a lasting impression.  Therefore, a custom built reception desk may be what you’re looking for.

In this article, we’ll go through some of the considerations you’ll need to have when creating and designing such a reception. We won’t stop there though, OFWD can personally help you to craft your room with customize builds, for just about anything with four walls. Your space will be the talk of the town.


Find the Correct Fit

As tempting as it may be to order an exuberantly large reception desk, or order a smaller reception desk to save money, these decisions could have a negative impact in the long run.  A reception desk that is too large for your room will create a space that appears too cramped and uncomfortable.  On the other hand, a reception desk that is too small for your room will make your space look very disproportional and unbalanced.


Keep it Simple

If you are truly going towards a more modern look for your reception area, it is important to keep your desk design simple, sleek, and clean. Choose a reception desk with a minimalistic design, and with strong basic design principles. If you are going for a bolder look, consider a reception desk with an eye catching splash of colour.

reception2 1

Consider the Desk User

Finally, it is also very important to consider the needs of your employees that will be utilizing the receptionist desk. The proper amount of workspace, storage, and comfort of the desk are important, so your employee is able to get the job done, in the most comfortable atmosphere fit for long hours. Make sure that the reception desk is the correct size for the amount of users, and add enough cabinets and pedestals so that there is enough room for office supplies, including your employee’s personal belongings.


In Conclusion

With OFWD at the helm, we want you to consider us for your next project. No matter new or existing. We have the capabilities of designing from scratch or retrofitting your office spaces with custom builds and custom wall designs that will make your space, a glorious pleasure to walk in to. Contact Us for your next project. You’ll be pleased that you did.

Our next article will focus on, custom built boardrooms!