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Collaborative workspaces are becoming increasingly popular in offices around the globe. Corporations like Google, Sun, Intel, and Cisco have quite literally torn down the walls within their companies, implementing open-concept workspaces at their head offices.

So what gives? Are collaborative workspaces the new norm, or should your business stick with a traditional executive office arrangement?

Here we discuss the pros & cons of having such a layout and why are why you shouldn’t consider doing so. The choice is ultimately yours. OFWD provides layout plans and furnishings to suit either or.

OFWD’s specialists can provide you with the inside scoop on open-concept workspace designs and the latest trends. Connect with us today with your questions and we’d be happy to help.  info@ofwd.com


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Imagine an innovative workspace where, instead of working behind cubicle walls, every member of your team is given a small, functional workspace. These desks are arranged into a wagon train formation, with a group project space in the middle.

Your coworkers are just close enough to overhear each other’s ideas and the lines of communication are always open. Sound like something your company could benefit from?

Open-concept office designs are all about creating an alternative workspace dedicated to collaboration. Designed using modular office furniture and ultra modern lines, open-concept workspaces have been proven to increase communication in a company and create a more democratic office culture. Modular office furniture is designed to be multi-functional and flexible, making it easy for your company to grow and expand.

Increase the creativity of your office team by incorporate elements of an open-concept office into your communal workspaces. Contact an OFWD specialist today to learn about the many benefits of modular office furniture.

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While trendy, open-concept office furniture design isn’t for everyone. Nine out of ten people that work in open-concept offices complain about the lack of privacy.

While it’s beneficial to be able to work collaboratively in a space, there are still many tasks that are easier to accomplish in private (phone calls are a great example).

Noise is another big issue in collaborative workspace setups. Some employees might find it too distracting working in a open-concept space and would prefer to have the use of a traditional office furniture layout where they can focus on the task at hand.

Finally, a closed office often translates into more personal space, which is still a big draw for those involved in the higher levels of management.



Modular Office Furniture:

Not ready to make the change to a fully collaborative office space just yet, but like the concept? Then why not try and marry the best of both options into one office. Create an open-concept workspace in the centre of your office using modular office furniture from OFWD.

Create a few private workstations on the periphery of your office that include executive office furniture and can be utilized by employees whenever they need to make a phone call or focus on a deadline.

This design will enable you to:

Create a sense of community and democracy at your office.
Increase communication and interaction amongst your team.
Still provide quiet work areas for those employees who have difficulty working with noise.

Increase the creativity of your office team by incorporate elements of an open-concept office into your communal workspaces. Contact an OFWD specialist today to learn about the many benefits of modular office furniture.