Top 8 Team Building Activities for Summer

It’s not uncommon for productivity to drop in the workplace during the summer months. People are less willing to stay late or work extra days, take longer or more frequent breaks, and stare longingly out the window at the sunshine. Can you really blame them? We can’t, which is why we came up with this list of fun team building activities that gets you and your co-workers outside, while also building corporate culture and strengthening the relationships of the foundation of your business activities: your people.

Some of these ideas are location-limited, but we’re sure you’ll be able to think of something similar that works. Let’s get to it.


Think of a fun theme like a tv show or movie, and plan an outdoor picnic party where everyone has to bring a dish that also fits the theme. Then create games around the theme where your team has to work together, and go head-to-head in some friendly competition. Our location pick for this here in Edmonton would definitely be Hawrelak Park.


If you’ve got the budget, take everyone to a resort or spa or something similar. Whether it’s to a cabin in the mountains, natural hot springs, or all the way to Mexico, a retreat can really rejuvenate your team and bring them closer together.

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These can be really fun, but will take quite a bit of planning. It’s a great way to get your team strategizing together, and creatively looking at ways to solve a puzzle. Don’t make it too difficult because you don’t want anyone getting frustrated, but also don’t make it so easy — you want them to be challenged. Choose worthwhile prizes for the winners, and pick interesting or relevant (to your company or industry) items for the hunt itself.


Get everyone involved in playing a big game of soccer or baseball, or any other sport. This one is obvious because you literally have to play as a team, but also encourages good sportsmanship and fitness. A fun spin might be to organize the even with another company you do business with, to build your relationships with them, as well. Don’t forget the trophies.


There are a lot of options when it comes to volunteering, including:

  • Old age homes
  • Food banks
  • Bottle drives
  • Animal Shelters
  • etc

Find one that fits your company and dive in. These can be extremely fulfilling (and often, emotional) days, and will definitely bring you and your coworkers closer together.

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We Edmontonians are blessed with having the North Saskatchewan river run right through our city, which is ideal for both kayaking and canoeing. If that’s not your situation, there is likely a nearby lake or river that you can go to as a group and get paddling. Friendly races are another great opportunity for prizes, too.


Probably not for everyone, but this could be really fun for a big group. The team-building will probably have to happen at the food and drink part after the races, though.

summer team building blog 3


Taking your team to a big sporting event like a football or baseball game is a great way to get everyone bonding. You can choose whether or not you want to pay for food and refreshments, and you’ll have a group of happy people in your office the next work day.

Well, that’s it. There are tons of other ideas out there — you just have to think about what you want to accomplish with the activity, and what your team will enjoy doing. It is likely easier and less expensive than you think, and your team will thank you for it.

Get planning!