Spruce Up Your Space

When you step into a stimulating workspace, you can distinguish between a slow Monday and a surge of creativity. However, creating your office space can take time and effort, whether you’re an experienced business owner or a new freelancer. Do not worry! This guide breaks the process into seven steps to transform your office from functional to stunning.

1. Consider Your Crew (and Their Needs! )

Before you dive in with both feet to Pinterest boards, Take a moment to think about the people who will be working in your office. Is your business a sole proprietorship or an active team of 10? Do your employees need quiet attention? Or do they require collaboration as a major aspect of their daily lives?

Small Office, Big Dreams? Limited square footage doesn’t need to indicate a lack of design. Think about multifunctional furniture, like stylish stand-up desks by OFWD that can be adjusted to standing and sitting positions. This is a way to save space and promote better posture and alertness throughout the day.

2. Embrace the Light (Natural and Artificial)

Natural light can be a game-changer. It enhances our moods, improves productivity, and even helps reduce eye strain. If you’re fortunate enough to live in a sun-soaked area, take advantage of the sun! Place desks near windows and consider sheer curtains that let light in without compromising privacy.

3. Define Your Zones

The days of boring cubicles. Modern small office design creates zones to accommodate different work styles. Here are a few key areas to be considered:

  • Concentration Zones: Decorate these zones with ergonomic, comfortable chairs made by OFWD, which impart ample neck and back support. Think about soundproof booths or silent corners to allow you to concentrate for hours on end.
  • Collaboration Hubs: Design a place that encourages collaboration and brainstorming. A large whiteboard table surrounded by supportive and colorful chairs, such as OFWD’s mesh-back task chair, facilitates lively discussions.
  • Breakout Rooms: Remember to consider the impact of a break! Set up a place for employees to relax and recharge. Consider comfy couches, beanbags, or even a miniature putting green (yes, it’s true!)

4. Inject Some Personality

Your office reflects your personal brand. Let your personal style be seen! Highlight your company’s values and mission statement—even funny employee photos on your walls.

5. Embrace the Power of Plants

Research has shown that adding plants to the office can drastically lower stress levels and boost air quality. Plant low-maintenance plants throughout the office or build an environmentally friendly wall by incorporating flowing greenery.

6. Conquer the Chaos with Clever Storage

Get rid of clutter and unlock maximum productivity by implementing innovative storage solutions! Find alternatives to boring cabinets for filing. Find stylish options that will complement the style of your office. Built-in shelves provide a chic method of displaying important documents or ornamental objects. The stylish cabinetry offers more storage space for bulky items, and drawers under the desk keep the essentials you use frequently on hand. With the benefit of functional and stylish storage, creating a space that encourages efficiency and focus is possible.

7. Access with intention

The final details can make all the difference! Throw pillows with your colors, showcase an inspiring piece of art, or hang a unique lighting fixture. These little details can personalize the area and create a welcoming working environment.

8. Remember the fun!

The workspace shouldn’t be a place of work without play. A ping-pong table in the breakroom, a dartboard on the wall, or a stocked snack cabinet can be a huge help in boosting employee morale and fostering a sense of community.

9. Tech it up!

Invest in smart tech to transform your office into a productivity hub. Fast, reliable internet is a must for uninterrupted video and cloud access. Upgrade to higher-resolution monitors for better eye comfort and clearer images. Consider investing in top video conferencing equipment such as microphones, webcams, and speakers to ensure clear communication with clients and colleagues. Consider adding wireless charging stations to the workplace for a bit of modern ease that helps employees stay energized.

10. Think Sustainable:

Go green and cultivate a healthy work environment! Opt for furniture crafted from recycled materials, minimizing your company’s environmental footprint. Invest in energy-efficient lighting, like LEDs, which slash energy consumption and brighten your office space. Encourage eco-conscious practices by providing recycling bins for various materials, like water bottles. You’ll create an environmentally responsible workplace that promotes employee well-being by embracing sustainability.

Your office space should reflect your company’s image and the employees who work there. If you follow these easy steps and take advantage of the extensive selection of fashionable and ergonomic furniture offered at OFWD, you can create an environment that inspires and stimulates people and makes working a day something you look forward to!