Novo is a new type of system —

based on a monolithic panel, we’ve integrated the segmented look that ships pre-assembled, for a great aesthetic quality without complex installation requirements. Mix and match fabric, whiteboard, perforated metal and glass. Bypass additional labor and installation costs with pre-built segmented panels, including integrated whiteboard. Design features include a slim base that runs ꄀush with the panels, a variety of leg and worksurface designs, new storage and fresh Cloud White finish. Glass is available glazed or frameless.

Our newest system, Novo, combines the installation ease of monolithic panels with the design aesthetic of segmented panels, shipped pre-built from OFWD.


ƒ• Available as either monolithic or pre-built segmented panels ƒGlass:
• Partial glazed/frameless ƒPowered/non-powered panels ƒWhiteboard, perforated metal, fabric and
acoustical panels ƒ
• New support and worksurface designs ƒ3 paint finishes and 36 fabrics ƒ
• Limited Lifetime Warranty to original owner


• Pre-installed 8-wire, 4 20-amp circuits, with easy connections ƒ
• Floor or ceiling connectivity ƒ
• Cable lay-in capability – 5” x 2.5” base with hinged base covers allow for large quantities of cables ƒ
Upward of 20 Cat 5/6 cables
• Upward of 20 Cat 5/6 cables in powered base, up to 75 cables in non-powered base


• Up to 45% recycled content (30% pre-consumer plus 15% post-consumer) in a typical configuration
• Up to 75% recyclable at the end of its useful life ƒ
• May contribute to LEED points