Elevated Design, Grounded Pricepoint

Meet Interra, our new panel system designed for modern space planning needs and aesthetic sensibilities. Available in five tile materials – fabric, glass, metal, whiteboard and rail — Interra offers infinite design variations to meet any customization need. Power is available at both belt and baseline and its sturdy 2.5″ tiles are stackable with easy assembly and reconfiguration, making it the perfect go-to systems product for today’s fast-moving work environments.

A lighter footprint. Designed and assembled in Northern California, Interra is our system with the lightest environmental footprint: a typical station is made of 47% recycled content and is 75% recyclable at the end of its useful life. Its durability is guaranteed with a lifetime warranty.

Interra is designed to integrate seamlessly with our Dash desking system.

Interra offers many features including 5 worksurface leg options, open base panels or tile to floor, window tiles and frameless glass.


ƒƒ• Mix and match frame and tile systemƒ with sturdy 2.5” panels
ƒƒ• Stackable for easy modifications
ƒƒ• 5 tile options: fabric, window, metal, whiteboard and rail
ƒƒ• Fabric tiles are acoustical and tackable
ƒƒ• Optional open base panels, tile to floor,frameless glass, and privacy screens available
ƒƒ• Overhead storage can be upmounted with pneumatic lift or sliding doors
ƒƒ• Updated credenzas and towers
ƒƒ• 5 leg design options
ƒƒ• 36 Friant fabrics available, plus COMƒƒ Paint finishes: CW and BU
ƒƒ• Limited lifetime warranty to original owner


ƒƒ• Pre-installed 8-wire, 4 20-amp circuits, with easy connections
ƒƒ• Power available at baseline or beltline
ƒƒ• Powered and non-powered panel options
ƒƒ• Floor or ceiling connectivity
ƒƒ• Cable lay-in capability – large 5” X 2.5” base with hinged base covers
ƒƒ• Over 70 Cat 5 cables in powered base


ĥ CARB compliant, made with only water-based, non-toxic low-emission adhesives
ƒƒ• Up to 75% recyclable (all materials except wood are recyclable due to its finishes and adhesives)
ƒƒ• Up to 47% recycled content (25% preconsumer, 22% post-consumer) in a typical configuration
ƒƒ• May contribute to LEED points